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Going Backward

Have you ever made progress towards a goal only to regress backward? You work so hard only to feel crushed by a setback. You feel as though your goal will never be met and you lose motivation to keep pushing forward. Maybe you gained some weight back, lost some strength at the gym, or aren’t excelling as much at work. You feel as though you are down on your luck. We all have these moments. I remember after having 5 brain

Let The Light In

  Friends, have you ever been in a season of life that just seemed so dark you felt it would last forever? I sure have. Actually, I believe in our lives we, unfortunately, face many seasons of life that feel this way. Each day that passes, you question if you even remember what the sunshine looks like at all. One of the darkest times in my life was when I was having uncontrollable brain hemorrhages. I was in and out of the

Stuck in the Waiting Room

Have you ever gone to a doctor appointment and gotten stuck in the waiting room? You made sure you left your house on time and arrived to the appointment early. Next, you are seated in the waiting room and sit there for well past your scheduled appointment time, wondering when the waiting will end, if ever? The frustration grows with every passing minute. This “waiting room” can be used in both the literal and figurative sense. In all seasons of