Become Limitless

You make a goal, have all this motivation to see it come to fruition, and along the way the dreams you had been so excited about just lose their luster. What the heck happened?

Life may have thrown you some curve balls that put you off track but there is a more common factor that is probably to blame here:
The story that you tell yourself.
Also known as, limiting beliefs. These are lies that we tell ourselves and believe as truth. You are viewing your world through damaged lenses. It affects the way you feel and is stopping you from growing on a professional and personal level.
They live in your subconscious but can be identified by listening to that little voice in your head telling you you cannot accomplish something.
When I set my mind on relearning how to walk again after having a stroke and brain surgery, I had limiting beliefs in my head telling me I couldn’t do it. That voice told me I wasn’t strong enough. It told me I wasn’t committed enough. It told me I wasn’t blessed enough. It told me straight up lies.
I was able to recognize these as lies and not facts. How would I know what I could or could not achieve without trying? I decided to give it my all and prove them wrong.
I did just that, and you can too! Set your mind for success and tune out all your limiting beliefs. Your thoughts are the only thing keeping you from achieving your goals!

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