Enjoy The Moment

I just got back from an incredible vacation at the beach. I spent every day sitting in the sand and soaking in the sun.
But I noticed as each day passed my anxiety started to grow knowing we were a day closer to having to leave and this vacation coming to an end. I had spent so much time planning this trip and counting down the days until we got to leave, I was fully vested. That end of vacation anxiety was distracting and ultimately taking away from the present. I am on vacation, I shouldn’t have a care in the world, right? But all I could think about was how fast it was going and I would soon be leaving and feeling depressed it was over.
That is when I realized, how often we are just thinking too far ahead and not in the present. We do it without thinking. It is not always not wanting good things such as a vacation to end, but can be wanting to fast forward the things we don’t like.
I remember going through my recovery after a stroke and brain surgery feeling like I just wanted to fast forward to the end so I could avoid all the pain. I was tired and it wasn’t going as fast as I wanted. But what would I be missing if I fast forward my life? I would have missed those life lessons I learned through my grueling hard work. I would have missed time spent with family who were supporting me on my journey. I would not have grown as strong if it wasn’t as long. God was using this time to mold me and I needed to be patient and be tenacious.
Now I am home from vacation and depressed it is over. I have to catch myself to not lose sight of the present and just be grateful I had the vacation at all!
I challenge you, what are you rushing? Maybe it’s Monday and all you can think about is Friday? Maybe you are counting down the days until your vacation and already have your mind set on the beach. Or maybe you are experiencing a battle in life and wishing it was over. What are you going to miss if you fast forward time? Your life can change in a millisecond. Stay present and enjoy the moment!

Time is precious, don’t waste it. Trust the process.


  • So very true. Being present in all things allows us to truly experience life to its fullest!

    Lynn July 19, 2021
  • Enjoying every moment and being mindful is definitely key. Memories last a lifetime. Enjoy making every memory count.

    Marte July 19, 2021

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