Heather’s Story

Heather’s Fight Video

What is your worst nightmare? Well, mine happened to me in 2011. I was a healthy, 22-year-old college student with the world at my feet. Then I had five strokes over 11 months. You read that correctly: Five strokes, and 22 years old. I found myself fighting for my life and trying to comprehend why this happened to me. I was completely paralyzed on my left side, and the picture of my life I have had since I was a kid had suddenly crashed and burned. I was left with two options: Give up or fight. Through the following pages you will find out what choice I made and gain insights into my thought process along the way. I start by laying out the groundwork to my life; growing up, I had experiences and impactful things that influenced who I am as a person. I truly believe we all have things in life that shape us as people. Whether it be a good thing or bad thing, we are molded by experiences and people in our lives. After I laid out my groundwork, I experienced a life- changing diagnosis that changed my future, something that rocked me and my family to the core, and forever changed our lives. I continued to suffer, from bad news to more bad news, which took me to my breaking point. I wrote this book to help inspire people across the world. I have full faith that God sent me through my tragic journey and subsequent revival to share it with the world. It is too good of a story not to share! As people, we all experience difficulties; no one difficulty is less severe than the other. They all impact us, and we must learn how to prevail, despite the difficulty!