The Big Debut

We all have a plan for our lives. We are young, planning out what our future selves will look like. Where we will live, work, and who we choose to marry.

But then life happens.

I had my entire future mapped out. I was going to be an accountant and have a lot of money and fancy horses. My plan was shattered when I suffered 5 strokes and brain surgery at 23 years old and was paralyzed.
But wait… this was not part of my plan!
What event or circumstance was thrown into your path? What happened to you that threw your entire life plan off its axle? They happen to all of us and unfortunately, they happen more than once in the course of our lives.
Just as these world stoppers happen to us, we must roll with the punches life throws at us.
You can not control what happens to you. You can control how you react to it.
You can let it stop you on your journey to your dreams or you can choose to not let it stop you and your destiny.
The choice is yours.
I recommend people to make a list identifying all these circumstances and events that happened and altered the trajectory of their life. This can be empowering to people on multiple levels. Most importantly, the person can see how much they have overcome and just how easily they can adapt to a change in plans.
You have a 100% success rate of overcoming your hardest circumstances thus far. You got this!

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  • With your great attitude you will succeed with a new plan, and a path for life!
    Good luck!!

    Marla August 23, 2021

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