The Chaos

It always starts with a plan. We think about said plan and envision it, willing it into existence. We innately try and plan every aspect of our lives. I had a plan for my life and I know you did too. I’ll start:

I was going to graduate college with a 4.0, immediately get a high-paying job where I would meet my wildly successful husband, we would have 2 kids, and I would spend my free time riding my expensive horse(s).
Then reality hit.
I had a massive stroke and brain surgery that left half of my body paralyzed. Your reality might look different than mine, but I am positive at some point in your life/career you thought the following words:
Wait.. this was not part of my plan.
I believe our biggest disappointments in life come from the difference between what we envisioned our life would look like and the reality. How bad has your true reality hurt your plans?
The truth, however, is no matter how big of a detour the reality is off the planned route you had, you are in complete control of what happens next. Is this detour going to take you down a bumpy road into dark woods or will it take a couple of back roads to get you back on course?
You decide, all you have to do is grab the steering wheel.


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