The Love

Who was your first love? What relationship had the biggest impact on your life? Was it a friend, teacher, boss, or lover?

We all have them and we definitely have more than one in our lifetime. It typically starts with our parents who start shaping our beliefs and morals at a young age. Then we get our first boyfriend/girlfriend and start seeing just how impactful other relationships can be.

They may be good or bad, but they are nonetheless impacting who you are as a person.

The most important relationships in your life are:



3. Family

4. Friends

The quality of our relationships says a lot about us. We should always be striving to have harmonious, peaceful relationships. If you have a relationship that does not provide you peace and comfort, you must let it go.
Cut those that drain your energy.

Now I encourage you to take a few moments to think about those most influential relationships in your past or present. What benefits or ghosts are tethered to your soul?


Once you can identify these relationships and their impact on you, then we can take a look at whether these relationships are benefitting or inhibiting you. One of the hardest things to do as adults is to remove any past damage from previous relationships. I don’t believe we can ever fully remove these scars, but not allow them to impact our current relationships is key.


But first, you have to identify them.

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  • What a wonderful, insightful message.

    Randy August 16, 2021

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