The Puzzle

I hate puzzles. I don’t understand the joy people get in trying to find the one piece out of hundreds or thousands that fits perfectly. All that work and mental pressure to find the right one.  There is only one right answer.


Have you ever felt like your life was a giant puzzle?


I have. After my medical diagnosis, I had to decide if I would take a chance and have brain surgery to remove my Angioma or take a chance and just “wait and see”. Both were risky and both provided no clear outcome. There was no crystal ball or way to tell which choice would be the perfect fit in my puzzle of a life.


But, I prayed.


I prayed for God to give me the discernment I needed to make what was probably the biggest decision of my life. I chose to “wait and see”.


It was the perfect piece to my puzzle.


You are probably wondering, how does she know that? My choice was perfect because it is what God led me to choose. Yes, the outcome may have been different had I chosen the other option, however, that was not where God led me so it couldn’t be good. He is only good and will never lead us astray.


I encourage you to really sit with all of the puzzles you face in life. I want you to carefully examine each piece(option) and pray for guidance on which one to choose. I can assure you, you won’t pick the wrong one.


So, what puzzle piece are you looking for?

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