Why the Gloves?

Hi, my name is Heather and I was blindsided by the rare disease called Cavernous Angioma. At the moments of my darkest hours, I relied on my faith and determination that I would fight this with all my might and not stop until I beat it! That is where the symbol of the boxing gloves came in. I was feeling anxious before surgery and frightened by the unknown but completely sure that whatever happened I was willing to give it my all. That was when my pastor, a former boxer, said he could relate that before a fight he’d feel anxious and just wanted to start swinging already. That was exactly it! I was so determined to fight I just wanted to start swinging already. All I needed was the bell to ring so the match of my life could start.

My dad later went out to purchase the ultimate symbols of my recovery: a pair of boxing gloves and a bell. Before each day in inpatient therapy I’d ring my bell, look at my gloves, and put my game face on ready to fight. Although I know God has given me the strength and sheer determination to face this nightmare, I also know I couldn’t have done this without my friends and family who have supported me every step, or swing, of the way.

I could never say thank-you enough to all of you who have and continue to aid in my battle against this terrible disease. I won’t stop until I am the one standing in the ring with both hands up in celebration. We will win this!

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